A Message from the Organiser

24th July 2017

Sorry its taken a while to write this but literally went through Thursday and Friday without any sleep, so Sunday had to turn off. Well what can I say about our first event except how phenominally well it went and for a first outing coudn't have asked for more. Firstly the crowd, you could't have got better. We had touching 7500 people through the door which is a phenominal figure for a first time event. At times I thought why did we even need security! Everybody was polite and responsive, formed orderly queue's and was having a great time, all everybody came for was a good time and that made an excellent atmosphere.

The bands were phenominal, as were the DJ's in the various dance tents. The kids stage was out of this world thousands of happy children taking part in the various activities and performances in that area.


Thanks for the feedback about queue's and having more bars on next year's event which has been noted and will be added along with more food outlets. Just to explain this to the public, bars cost a lot of money to set up in a field, from transportation to erecting and then staffing, we ordered what we thought was adeqaute for the day and what the budget allowed. No matter which festival you go you will have queue's at the bar, we abviously want them to be minimal so next year will add more as now we are established we will be able to afford to put more on and will have more resources to play with.


The feedback from the public has been amazing, we are so proud to bring you this event and hope we can for a long time to come. To bring an event like this to such a great town is an honour, it is not only Macclesfield's festival, it is Cheshire's. There were so many people from neighbouring towns and cities, and even further afield. Sales reports show people coming from the Midlands, North East, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, London, and even Belgium and Germany. This event is great for the town and local business. All the local hotels & B&B's were fully booked, and floods of people headed into Macclesfield for the event. Over the coming years we feel we can make this into one of the major UK festivals and attract worldwide audeinces. It has so much potential to grow into something huge and we will drive it to do so.

We cannot do it without your support, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this.


I want to say a big thanks to several people for helping me do this firstly my wife Emma Kleek who worked very hard on the kids stage, Simon Colderley who headed the running of the event on the day, and Lee Crank, Roger Simpson, Tom Da Lips for all your help and input in the Yesterday's tent, Soul tent and the VIP. Dan Kenny strongman comp. Pat on the back for all of you. Thanks to all staff on the day you worked your socks off, and everyone else involved including sponsors.


Due to feedback 2018 is a must and planning is already underway, hopefully we can do two days next year depending on bookings, I know who I want and have made enquiries. Next year will eclpise this year by a country mile. Thanks to all those of you who can say you was part of the beginning

This is a community festival, a festival for the people, put on by local resident's for local residents. We care greatly about our customers and will strive to bring you perfection and the biggest attractions and artists we can on an annual basis.


One Love to Macclesfield & Cheshire xXxXxXx