Andrew Hall

Andrew, from Manchester started at the age of 17 after bailing out a friend when their DJ

cancelled, he hired equipment and played to a packed out crowd, caught the dj'ing bug and become a vinyl junkie. Andrew found himself playing at countless after party's and became popular in the early nineties, he was playing at the majority of the seminal clubs of the Northwest including Set End and Cascades in Blackburn & The Mill in Preston. These nights proved to be popular playing to full houses every week, the move was then made to Manchester city centre. Here he went on to play at Scubar, Jabez Cleggs, The Attack and Home.

Andrew took a break from Dj'ing and then returned in the early noughties with a residency at Yates in Stockport, before going on to play at Cloud Nine Festival. He was always a raver at heart and was a regular at Life @ Bowlers between 92 and 96. During those times at bowlers he always knew he would play on that stage one day and in 2015 he got his chance and got to follow the Utah Saints at Exxposure, and went on to play the main stage again at NYE for Maximes along side Jay Wearden and again for Clubland. Since playing at Bowlers Andrew has gone on to play at many clubs and festivals including Igloo Doo with his 7 year old son Master C, also guesting on radio shows like Unity Mcr, City Beat FM and Mayhem Live.

Andrew became great friends with DJ Play who joined forces with the Sicest Soundz project and they have played together at several events including Anghellic, Sound Injected among others. Andrew and DJ Play now have their own radio show on Mayhem radio 108fm.