Lee Crank

Lee’s passion for music was recognised by many and after years on the “sidelines” as a promoter for some of Manchester’s most respected and legendary nights, you may argue that Lee took far too long to eventually get behind the decks.


Lee had the pleasure of working alongside some of Manchester’s finest DJs including Jason Herd & Robbo, Nick Hussey, Pat Drury, Dave & Huey, JayC and many more. Lee first got a taste of club life whilst co-promoting Penelope Pitstops at Alderley Edge’s finest nightclub Millenium and then moving onto Cheshire’s original and most glamorous club night Peruvia.


After a few more years of promoting Lee finally made the move to host the back room of the long running 2Risqué at North nightclub blending in the sounds of rare groove and soulful house, this making it the perfect “chill out” place to be.


Soon realising his unique style, it wasn’t long before Lee was asked to join some of the biggest names in club history all over the UK including two of the most popular names in the world of house music, Liverpool’s famous Garlands & representing 2Risque at Birmingham’s Miss Moneypennys. Lee has been seen & known after numerous nights, days, weekends & weeks partying (some of which are all a blur!) with some of his closet friends Jason Herd, The Freemasons, K Klass, Oliver Lang & Nick Hussey naming only a few, it was evident that Lee’s passion was to be influenced towards a life & style of house music.


However, the key pinnacle in Lee’s drive to become a well respected dj goes back to a memorable night at Peruvia where Daniele Davoli mixed one of his favourite tracks into a mind blowing memory that has reminded him constantly of the technical importance of ensuring people enjoy his music.


Following in the footsteps of some of his best friends Lee soon moved over to the more funky house side of music now adding Dubai, Austria, Mallorca, Monaco and Ibiza to his ever growing dj destinations.


Now, after nearly 20 years in the business, it’s great to see that Lee (better known as Cranky) has finally made his well deserved & respected mark in the world of house music.